Recommended Reading

I love reading about plants and gardens almost as much as I love being in my garden (or visiting gardens).  This page will highlight my favourite garden-themed books, and if you have one you would like to recommend to me, do please leave a comment.

In no particular order:

Beth Chatto’s Garden Notebook – Beth Chatto

Helen Dillon On Gardening – Helen Dillon

In And Out Of The Garden – Sara Midda

Dear Friend and Gardener – Beth Chatto & Christopher Lloyd

Consider the Lily – Elizabeth Buchan

Cuttings – Christopher Lloyd

Life in a Cottage Garden – Carol Klein

The Enchanted April – Elizabeth von Arnim

4 Responses to Recommended Reading

  1. Flighty says:

    My favourite garden book is The Natural Gardener by Val Bourne.
    Our Plot by Cleve West is the most enjoyable allotment book I have read.

  2. Thanks for these two Flighty – I know Cleve West’s work from seeing his gardens at Chelsea and I’m sure I’ve read Val Bourne in the newspaper, but I haven’t read either book which is an excellent reason to go shopping or pay a quick trip to the library!

  3. I haven’t heard of a couple of those so I’ll go and take a look at them – I love Beth Chatto and Christopher Llyod too. I think for vegetable gardening Joy Larkcom is the one I always turn to, no fuss, sensible and practical and oh so knowledgable, you just know from reading her that she really has grown the plants she writes about. As for fiction I would start in with the Secret Garden !

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