Snow, and an exciting development…


The viburnum branches are made to hold snow!

The viburnum branches are made to hold snow!

My garden, and allotment are both fast asleep under a blanket of snow and whilst the pavements are icy and walking to the station means risking life and limbs I am still finding the sight of it beautiful.  Best of all was yesterday when the sun came out as everything sparkled – sadly I was at work all day and so denied a chance to get out with my camera which is so frustrating, and leaves me hoping that the coming weekend might deliver the right conditions – but then another part of me wants it all gone!  Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the snow could vanish as quickly as it arrives?

Anyway a snow-bound garden and allotment means there is little to do outdoors for the moment (I dream of a greenhouse but no space in this garden) and so I am contenting myself with dreams for this summer’s display.  I’m really looking forward to growing a cutting flower garden on my allotment, and thanks to Sarah Raven’s team I now have another project lined up  – the exciting development!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a tweet from Sarah Raven (@srkitchengarden if you wanted to follow on Twitter) asking for gardeners who blogged to get in touch if they were interested in growing some seeds and blogging about the experience.  Naturally I jumped at the chance, sent off an email whilst crossing my fingers, and they have very kindly supplied me with a packet of their Venetian Cut Flower Meadow Mix.  It contains the following: Cornflower ‘Black Ball’, Cosmos ‘Rubenza”, Nicandra physalodes, Papaver somniferum ‘Cherry Glow’, Malope ‘Vulcan’ and Anethum graveolens (aka Dill).  The link below should show what I can expect to grow – lovely!

I now need to identify which site is to benefit from these riches – my garden, the allotment or the third plot that I’m now responsible for, which I don’t believe I’ve written about – yet.

About Sara Davison

I've been gardening as long as I can remember; initially as a child, learning from my mother, and then with each successive garden I've owned, I've expanded my knowledge and my plant collection. Starting Spring 2014 I'm taking my first steps as a flower farmer, growing British flowers for cutting on an acre of rented farmland in the Surrey Hills.
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1 Response to Snow, and an exciting development…

  1. Flighty says:

    Yes I wish that it would snow then go all in a day!
    Lucky you with the flower mix, it’ll be interesting to see what they’re like.
    So what’s this third plot?! xx

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